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Gulfside’s Volunteer Services Department is dedicated to recruiting, training, and nurturing a diverse community of committed volunteers. These volunteers contribute to the well-being of patients and their families, as well as support the agency's mission and objectives. Through meaningful connections and invaluable support, volunteers create an environment where each individual's journey is dignified and filled with unwavering support, compassion, and the dedication and kindness of volunteers.

While volunteers are essential members of the Hospice Care Team offering daily care to all patients, there are additional opportunities to volunteer beyond direct patient care. The Volunteer Services Department at Gulfside will collaborate with you to identify your interests, skills, and availability.


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Volunteer Opportunities 

Patient Care 

Being there for patients, families, and caregivers throughout their hospice journey can offer deeply rewarding experiences. Volunteering in patient care roles can have a meaningful impact on the lives of both patients and their families as well as on the lives of our volunteers. Patient care volunteer roles involve visiting patients wherever they call home, whether it’s their own place of residence, a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or one of our In-Patient Care units.

Patient care volunteers provide emotional support, companionship and meaningful interactions, respite for caregivers, outlets for creative expression, and enhance the overall quality of life for our patients and their families. The bonds formed between volunteers, hospice patients, and their caregivers often leave a lasting impact on both parties.



At Gulfside, we believe in the healing potential of creative expression for patients and volunteers alike. As a Crafting Volunteer, your handmade items serve as symbols of care and support, bringing comfort and fulfillment to patients and their families during their journey. Whether you are knitting, crocheting, quilting, or exploring other craft forms, your participation can deeply impact lives.

Join us in making a difference through creativity and compassion by crafting a brighter future for our community.




Office and administrative support

Want to make a profound impact behind the scenes?

As an Office Volunteer at Gulfside, your administrative support is the backbone of our operations, ensuring smooth processes and compassionate care delivery to our patients and their families. From answering calls and organizing files to assisting with mailings and data entry, your contribution helps us fulfill our mission with efficiency and warmth.

CLoseup portrait of a woman writing in notepad at office


Gulfside's interdisciplinary team cares for patients not only physically, but spiritually. During the end-of-life journey, patients and caregivers often find spiritual support to be very beneficial. While Hospice Chaplains provide care to patients, spiritual care volunteers support their efforts in providing spiritual comfort regardless of a patient’s denomination or faith.

Examples of Spiritual Care Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Provide companionship and emotional support to patients and their families
  • Engage in meaningful conversations about spirituality, faith, and life experiences
  • Offer prayer, meditation, or spiritual readings based on patient preference and belief
  • Participate in memorial services, prayer vigils, or other spiritual events



Community outreach

Patient care isn't the only way to volunteer with Gulfside. There are several ways to support hospice patients without having direct patient contact. Community Outreach volunteers are important to furthering the organization's mission, providing support to the administrative team, recruiting more volunteers, speaking at groups and more. Every volunteer, no matter their role, makes a difference.

Examples of Community Outreach volunteer responsibilities:

  • Plan and participate in special events, fundraising activities, and outreach efforts to support Gulfside’s mission and services
  • Assist in volunteer recruitment efforts and serve as ambassadors for Gulfside by sharing personal experiences and testimonials
  • Distribute information and resources within the community about hospice and volunteer opportunities
  • Build and maintain relationships with community partners (senior centers, churches, and civic organizations, etc.)

We Salute Veterans and First Responders

We take great pride in serving those who have served our country and communities. A significant portion of hospice patients, one in four, are veterans, and these courageous individuals often have distinctive needs during their hospice care. The same holds true for our First Responders. Through our We Salute Veterans and First Responders program at Gulfside, we pay tribute to those who have served in either capacity. This program includes:

  • Providing Veteran to Veteran patients visits
  • Participating in Individual and community Pinning ceremonies to honor veterans and first responders
  • Facilitating connections with fellow veterans through group activities, discussions, or support groups
  • Organizing and participating in special events or ceremonies to honor veterans, such as Veterans Day celebrations or military branch-specific recognition events
  • Offering assistance with accessing veteran benefits, resources, and programs available through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Thrift Shoppes 

Gulfside Hospice Thrift Shoppes are primarily volunteer-run. Thanks to the hard work and hours given by volunteers, the Shoppes are able to provide an additional source of funding for patient care.

Thrift Shoppe volunteers receive specialized training at the Shoppe of their choice. Plus, volunteers receive up to 50% off when shopping at any of the Gulfside Hospice Thrift Shoppes.

Examples of Thrift Shoppe volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Accepting donated items during store hours
  • Sorting and pricing inventory
  • Organizing inventory and floor displays

Become A Thrift Shoppe Volunteer

Volunteer With Patient
"Going into the Rucki Center each week has been such a wonderful new experience. The facility itself is so beautiful and peaceful and the staff are so wonderful, that it carries over to the patients and families. It makes the whole volunteer experience so meaningful and gratifying"
Victoria S.
IMG_2387 5
"The reason I decided to volunteer with Gulfside Hospice was to work through my own experience with the early death of my own husband. Most of the people I visit on behalf of Gulfside Hospice are elderly and I find that older people seem to have such wisdom and they are patriotic"
Anne L
"I've been an avid volunteer since my early 20s. I chose Gulfside Hospice as I wanted to give back for all the wonderful care that was given to my husband the 10 days he was in their care."
Donna F

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Give back to our local community by becoming a volunteer with Gulfside. Download the volunteer application today, or register for an upcoming webinar above to learn more.


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A downloadable PDF version of the application is also available. Click here to download the pdf. If downloading the form, please complete it, then send it to

For Thrift Shoppe volunteer applications, you can also mail or turn in the application to the Thrift Shoppe manager at the location of your choice. Click here for the list of locations and mailing addresses.

Once your application has been submitted, our volunteer department will contact you to continue with the application process. Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age. All volunteer applicants age 18 and older must complete a background check after the application is submitted.

For questions or assistance with the application, please contact Gulfside's Volunteer Department at 727-845-5707.