Caregiver Support Services

The main focus of Gulfside's Caregiver Support Services is to empathetically interact with Caregivers to improve their quality of life and those for whom they provide care.


While love and commitment are at the core of caregiving and can produce feelings of joy and fulfillment, we understand the stress and chaos that can also be produced by caregiving responsibilities. We want to lend a helping hand.

Our objective is to reach across departmental boundaries to help Caregivers find peace and hope by offering a listening ear, nurturing relationships, answering questions, resolving support issues and ​establishing credibility and trust.

The following services are offered to Gulfside Hospice's caregivers:




A phone call will be placed to to caregivers within 7-10 days after patient's admission date to our service for the purpose of informing the caregiver about the services provided by the Caregiver Support Services Department and how to contact the team for support.

caregiver talking on phone support call



​When a Caregiver calls in with questions, concerns, or needing support, they will be directed to the Caregiver Support Services Department. Our aim is to actively listen with curiosity, meaning we will listen and ask questions to try to fully understand the situation. We will investigate the situation and seek to provide the resources necessary to meet that need. Our goal is to resolve the issue within two business days.




Caregiver Support Groups can be a life-changer, allowing Caregivers to talk with others who are experiencing the same joys and challenges, and who can not only empathize, but offer valuable insights and suggestions. The virtual groups are a great place to share, interact, and learn from other Caregivers in a safe, supportive environment. Caregiver Support Groups are peer support groups that are facilitated by trained counselors. 

For information about joining a caregiver support group, call 727-845-5707.




The goal of Gulfside's Bereavement Support Services is to offer compassionate bereavement support for individuals and families after the death of their loved one. Those services include Individual and Family Grief Counseling, Bereavement Support Groups, Creative Grieving Workshops, and Annual Memorial Services.

CLICK HERE to request bereavement support from the Gulfside team. 


Looking for support?

We can help. 


Our team is available to help you through the journey of caring for a loved one. For information about any of the services above listed services, call 727-845-5707.

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